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GIG Energy is a wholesale & retail energy brokerage and commodity trading advisory firm with a focus on electricity and natural gas. We specialize in commodity reverse auctions, energy portfolio risk management, carbon management & energy efficiency programs.

We serve some of North America's largest customers in a variety of sectors to include commercial, industrial, institutional, mission-critical, and government. GIG Energy's expertise and ability to transact across wholesale, retail & renewable energy markets provide our clients with an integrated, economic & sustainable energy strategy.

In 2021, GIG Energy's Founder & President left one of the nation's largest wholesale and retail generation company's with a simple mission: to provide every customer with the same access, resources and tools that large corporate energy teams use to reduce and manage energy portfolio costs.

It is through our use of technology, market access & expertise, data, analytics, energy software and our vast strategic partnerships that GIG Energy eliminates risk and lowers portfolio costs. Our customers gain a significant competitive advantage by evolving from traditional paper-based RFP procurement methods to leveraging GIG Energy's access to multiple markets, products, tools and technologies.

    GIG Energy

    GIG Energy